As gentle as possible, as profound as necessary.

Dr. med. univ. Marie-Luise Reiter

Specialist in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery

The key to any knowledge is comprehensive information. The medical knowledge and experience are the tools I would like to put at your disposal. I see it as my responsibility to perceive each patient in their uniqueness in order to support you on your way.


The initial consultation is the most important part of an aesthetic treatment in order to be able to achieve the best possible results for the patient.

Fat reduction

Excess fat deposits are a widespread problem in our society. Patients often struggle for years without being able to achieve the desired weight loss.

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This common illness causes significant stress and restrictions in everyday life for men.

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Ear pinoplasty

Ears have typical folds and bends with an anatomically constant course, which form during development.

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Wrinkle treatment

As the skin ages naturally, it loses its elasticity and wrinkles form.

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Breast shaping

The female breast has always conveyed aesthetic perceptions. This does not have to be limited to sexuality or femininity, but also plays a role in the feeling of youthfulness and attractiveness.

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Further treatments

Facial contouring

The most common attributes are attractiveness, femininity/masculinity and youthfulness, but also exhaustion or tiredness.

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The female external genitalia has been a central and controversial issue for humanity for centuries.

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Upper eyelids

The eyes convey important attributes that are perceived by those around us every day.

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Treat Yourself



I would like to support you on the path from a hunch or idea to understanding and clarity. I am happy to answer your questions verbally or in writing, digitally or in person at any time.